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Mars Area High School

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Students Works Recognized at Annual Showcase

Numerous students earned awards in Mars Area High School’s 2022 Student Art Showcase, held April 22. Winners are as follows:


    • First Place — junior Charlotte Stamper, “Nuts and Bolts”
    • Second Place — sophomore Ryan Nesbitt, “Swines in Slumber”
    • Third Place — junior Charlotte Stamper, “Bouquet”
    • Honorable Mention — sophomore Ryan Nesbitt, “Desolation”
    • Honorable Mention — junior Amber O’Neil, “clasped” 


    • First Place — junior Sara Guenthenspberger, “Sister”
    • Second Place — junior Hazel Whitcroft, “Brother in a box”
    • Third Place — senior Amelia Vinson, “A Day in June”
    • Honorable Mention — sophomore Ryan Nesbitt, “Butterflies”


    • First Place — junior Blythe McClure, “Rhyme and Reason”
    • Second Place — senior Amelia Vinson, “Dollhouse”
    • Third Place — senior Mia Scalise, “Trad. Goth Jacket”
    • Honorable Mention — sophomore Vivian Frank, “Past the Reflection”

2-D Design & Illustration:

    • First Place — junior Kaitlyn Ames, “Chickens and Pillars”
    • Second Place — junior Kaitlyn Ames, “Circe and Odessyus”
    • Third Place — junior Cadence Giordano, “Golden Age”
    • Honorable Mention — junior Kaitlyn Ames, “Goose Girl”



    • First Place — freshman Lyra Whitcroft, “Kota”
    • Second Place — freshman Vivien Miller, “Crow”
    • Third Place — junior Gabrielle Chamblin, “Dog Days”
    • Honorable Mention — junior Natalie Stasioski, “Exchange”
    • Honorable Mention — sophomore Kaitlyn Metzger, “Giggles”


    • First Place — sophomore Gianna Drepetis, “Roo”
    • Second Place — freshman Alyssa Hipsky, “Untitled”
    • Third Place — junior Mackenzie Metzger, “Mom Said These Were My Everyday Shoes”
    • Honorable Mention — junior Natalie Stasioski, “Shopping at Tiffany’s”
    • Honorable Mention — freshmen Margaret Lyker, “Pink”


    • First Place — freshman Emily Barent, “Takeout Wings”
    • Second Place — junior Natalie Stasioski, “Nakama”
    • Third Place — freshman Elli DeMarco, “Sunday Brunch”
    • Honorable Mention — freshman Jewelie Baker, “Working at Wendy’s”


  • First Place — junior Megan McSwain, “don’t call the cops”
  • Second Place — senior Emma Kaniuff, “Flower Power”
  • Third Place — senior Casey Neff, “Dad’s Light”
  • Honorable Mention — junior Hayley Goerl, “Colored Pencils”
  • Honorable Mention — junior Blythe McClure, “Bloom”

Digital Art

  • First Place — junior Athena DePaoli, “Le Petit Dejeuner”
  • Second Place — freshman Alyssa Hipsky, “Like Lightning”
  • Third Place — junior Blythe McClure, “Scratch”
  • Honorable Mention — junior Athena DePaoli, “Traveling Buddies”

Best in Show

Senior Amelia Vinson was awarded Best in Show for her oil on canvas, “Fish Market.”

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