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Mars Area High School

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MAHS Staff Directory 2021-2022

Main Office

Mrs. Lindsay Rosswog, Principal - [email protected]

Mrs. Jessica Semler, Assistant Principal - [email protected] 
Ms. Meghan McCaul, Therapeutic Counselor - [email protected]  
Mrs. Sue Cook, Front Office Secretary - s[email protected]
Mrs. Sonia Carson, Attendance Secretary - [email protected] 
Mrs. Connie Gordon, Secretary to the Principal - [email protected]

Athletics/Activities Office

Mr. Scott Heinauer, Athletics/Activities Director - [email protected]
Mrs. Tracy Bowes, Athletics Secretary - [email protected] 

Ms. Kayley Thomas, Activities Secretary - [email protected] 

Counseling Center/School Nurse’s Office


Mrs. Colleen Tosadori, School Counselor- [email protected]
     (Class of 2024 | Class of 2025 Q-Z)
Mr. Mark Varlotta, School Counselor - [email protected]
     (Class of 2022  | Class of 2025 H-P)
Mrs. Stephanie Van Cleef, School Counselor - [email protected]  
     (Class of 2025)
Dr. Tina Yankello, School Counselor - [email protected]
     (Class of 2023 | Class of 2025 A-G)
Mrs. Gretchen Baysek, School Nurse - [email protected]
Mrs. Kayley Thomas, Nurse Secretary - [email protected] 
Ms. Beth Engelbrecht, Counseling Center Secretary - [email protected] 


Mrs. Susan Kaminski- [email protected]       

Mrs. Erin Sloane- [email protected]


Business Education                      

Ms. Carrie Hetzel- [email protected]

Mr. Chris Knauff- [email protected]

Mr. Mark Murphy- [email protected]

Mr. Ethan Myler- [email protected]



Mrs. Robyn Davies- [email protected]

Ms. Jennifer DiSanti- [email protected]    

Mrs. Gabrielle Hock- [email protected]

Mrs. Rebecca Penn Hoffmann- [email protected]

Mr. Matthew Karczewski- [email protected]

Mrs. Heidi Kline- [email protected]

Mrs. Hollie Meckler- [email protected] 

Mrs. Darcy Silbaugh- [email protected]

Mr. Jared Stutzman- [email protected]

Mrs. Nicole Vozza- [email protected]


English as a Second Language (ESL)


Ms. Erin Linden - [email protected]
Mr. Kenneth Cloonan - [email protected]

Family & Consumer Science

Mrs. Erica Flowers- [email protected]



Mr. Kenneth Cloonan- [email protected]          

Mrs. Stephanie Glessner- [email protected]



Mrs. Erin Donahue- [email protected]

Mrs. Shawna Peters- [email protected]


Gifted Support / Librarian

Mrs. Gail Quigley- [email protected]


Health & Physical Education

Mr. David Mayer- [email protected]

Mr. Rich Schoeffel- [email protected]

Ms. Kristen Stash- [email protected] 


Library/Media Studies

Mrs. Gail Quigley- [email protected]



Mr. Andrew Bednar- [email protected]
Ms. Nicole Carter- [email protected]

Mrs. Charlene Galovich- [email protected]

Mr. Dave Kuremsky- [email protected]

Mrs. Emily Lucas [email protected] 
Mr. Paul Rubish- [email protected]

Mr. Jim Sloane- [email protected]

Mr. Brian Staines- [email protected]

Mr. Jamie Weiland- [email protected]



Mrs. Jennifer Kennedy- [email protected]

Mr. Simon Neubert- [email protected]

Mr. Mark Rodgers- [email protected]



Mrs. Jeanne Caffro- [email protected]
Mrs. Barb Fichter- [email protected]
Mr. Corey Goeggelman- [email protected]
Mrs. Lisa Myers- [email protected]
Mrs. Pauline Novotny- [email protected]
Mrs. Renee Perka- [email protected]
Mrs. Amanda Spoores- [email protected]



Mrs. Nicole Avon- [email protected]

Mr. Brian Beitko- [email protected]
Mr. Peter Black- [email protected]
Mrs. Meghan Boland- [email protected]
Mr. Johnathan Emhardt- [email protected]
Mr. Brian Hobaugh- [email protected]
Mrs. Ashley Tosadori- [email protected]
Mrs. Carol Wack- [email protected]
Mr. Bill Wesley- [email protected]
Mrs. Rebecca Winek- [email protected]

Social Studies

Mr. Shaun Babka- [email protected] 

Mr. David Goodworth- [email protected]

Mr. Ted Gross- [email protected]

Mr. Eric Harsh- [email protected]

Mr. Michael Hill- [email protected]

Mr. Jeffrey Kline- [email protected]

Mr. Scott Pfeiffer- [email protected]

Mr. Ryan Robertson- [email protected]

Mr. Jared Stutzman- [email protected]



Mrs. Karen Kirch- [email protected]

Mrs. Erin Linden- [email protected]

Mr. Scott McCarthy- [email protected]


Special Education

Mr. Mike DelDuca- [email protected]

Ms. Maegan Fabanich- [email protected]

Mrs. Samantha Flanhofer- [email protected]

Ms. Amber Foster- [email protected]

Mrs. Brittany Grabski- [email protected]
Mr. Joe Haefner- [email protected]
Mrs. Sue Kaminski - [email protected] 
Mrs. Brittany Kephart- [email protected]  
Mrs. Maria Kuchta- [email protected]


Technology Education/Computer Programming

Mr. Shawn Haywiser- [email protected]

Mr. Ray Machusko- [email protected]

Mr. Paul Rubish- [email protected]

Mr. Jamie Weiland- [email protected]