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Parking Procedures

Parking Permits
Any Mars Area High School student who wishes to drive to school must obtain a Parking Permit. The High School cannot possibly meet every driving need due to the limited amount of parking available. Permission to drive will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis in the following priority order:
  1. Vo-Tech Students
  2. Seniors
  3. Juniors who are involved in extra-curricular activities or work immediately after school. Permits will only be valid for the semester that the extra-curricular activity takes place. Employment and work schedule will be verified for those students that work.
  4. Juniors who do not participate in extra-curricular activities or work immediately after school.
  5. Students holding a driving permit may reserve a parking permit until the second Thursday of September. If you do not have a driver’s license by the second Thursday of September, the parking permit that was being held for you will be issued to a student with a valid driver’s license and you will be placed on a waiting list.
*No parking permits will be issued to freshman or sophomores. No permits will be issued to students who have outstanding detentions or owe fines to the High School. (Note: Fines may be paid at any time during the year, including during the summer.
Parking permits will be issued to approved applicants prior to the beginning of the corresponding school year. All applicants must present a completed application, Emergency Authorization Form, Drug Testing Consent Form, driver's license, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and non-refundable $175 fee for a year-long permit or $87.50 for a semester permit.

2022-2023 Parking Permit Application
The Mars Area High School Parking Permit Application for the 2022-2023 School Year is not available at this time. The application will be posted in late-July or early-August.  
Student Driving Regulations
The Board of Education encourages all students to utilize the transportation provided by the school district. The Board also recognizes that students have legitimate reasons to drive to school. Approval to drive to school must be secured from the principal or assistant principal and students must follow any rules the principal or assistant principal may set forth. Driving to school is a privilege not a right. Students can lose this privilege for improper conduct and violations of school district policies.
  1. Student drivers will register their vehicles in the high school office and pay the $175 fee required for a parking pass.
  2. Student drivers will file a parental permit in the high school office.
  3. Student drivers will observe and obey all traffic regulations in effect at Mars Area Schools (dismissal procedures, parking areas, etc.); otherwise the privilege of the student driving to school will be denied and/or revoked.
  4. The speed limit on school property is 15 mph.
  5. Students are not permitted to park in the staff parking lot.
  6. Cruising around the school is not permitted.
  7. No one is permitted in vehicles or parking lots during school hours.
  8. Having more than four (4) unexcused tardies to school will be cause for revoking permit.
  9. Students will not be permitted to loiter in their cars before or after school. All students will enter or leave building and parking lot immediately.
  10. A student who is issued a parking permit will lose the privilege to park on any Mars Area School District properties for 2 weeks, if the student uses the vehicle to leave school without permission. The second offense shall be the suspension of parking privileges for the remainder of the school year.
  11. It is required that the student’s car be locked at all times.
  12. Student parking is a privilege; failure to comply with student parking regulations will in the removal of this privilege.
  13. A student’s vehicle may be searched by school officials if there is a reasonable suspicion that there is a violation of the law or rules, regulations or policies of the Mars Area School District while the automobile is parked on school grounds.
  14. Parking permits must be visibly displayed on the rear view mirror.
  15. Any student that is assigned a parking spot in the main auditorium lot must have the vehicle removed before 3:15 p.m. so that outdoor practices may be conducted.
  16. Parking passes are not transferable.
  17. Any student driver violating the parking regulations will be subjected to in-school or out-of-school suspension and/or have parking privileges revoked. Parking violations may warrant a vehicle being towed off of school property at the owners’ expense.
  18. A temporary parking pass will be granted by either the principal or assistant principal at a rate of $ 3 dollars per day.
  19. Any violations of District policy related to weapons, drugs, alcohol and/or any controlled substances/paraphernalia will result in the revocation of parking privileges for the remainder of the corresponding school year.
Any violation of these guidelines and regulations will be cause for suspension of driving-to-school privileges and or disciplinary action.