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Sports Hall of Fame » Past Inductees

Past Inductees

The following is a list of Mars Area High School alumni and other individuals who have been inducted into the Mars Area High School Sports Hall of Fame:

2023 Inductees

Mars Area High School's 2023 Mars Area Sports Hall of Fame inductees are (from left) Dan DeMarco (Class of 2003), baseball/football; Maggie Gruber (Class of 2013), swimming; Jack Muehlheuser (Class of 2012), swimming; Jimmy Petruska (Class of 2000), coach; (not pictured) David Bednar (Class of 2013), baseball; and Mani Brueckner (Class of 2012), soccer.
David Bednar (Class of 2013), baseball
Mani Brueckner (Class of 2012), soccer
Dan DeMarco (Class of 2003), baseball/football
Maggie Gruber (Class of 2013), swimming
Jack Muehlheuser (Class of 2012), swimming
Jimmy Petruska (Class of 2000), coach
2022 Inductees
Mars Area High School’s 2022 Mars Area Sports Hall of Fame inductees are are (from left) Richard Hasley, football (Class of 1962); Oliver Norris,  football/basketball/track & field (Class of 1979); Lori (Matter) Harris, track & field (Class of 1985); Ashley (Bean) Phillips, basketball(Class of 2004); Lauren (Glew) Freismuth, golf (Class of 2007); Marisa (Glew) Boyd, golf (Class of 2007); Vinny Smith track & field(Class of 2009); Robbie Sigurdsson, hockey(Class of 2011); Chris Knauff, boys varsity soccer coach; and (not pictured) Adam Smetana, wrestling (Class of 2005). Each inductee received a plaque denoting their honor and their names will be listed on a banner that will be displayed in Mars Area High School gymnasium. For details, visit
Richard Hasley (Class of 1962), football
Oliver Norris (Class of 1979), football/basketball/track & field
Lori (Matter) Harris (Class of 1985), track & field
Ashley (Bean) Phillips (Class of 2004), basketball
Adam Smetana (Class of 2005), wrestling
Lauren (Glew) Freismuth (Class of 2007), golf
Marisa (Glew) Boyd (Class of 2007), golf
Vinny Smith (Class of 2009), track & field
Chris Knauff, boys varsity soccer coach
Robbie Sigurdsson (Class of 2011), hockey 


2021 Inductees
Mars Area High School’s 2021 Mars Area Sports Hall of Fame inductees are Joel Brooks, cross country/track & field (Class of 1983); Chuck Green, football (Class of 1997); Zach Rosswog, football (Class of 2004); David McElhinny, basketball/track & field (Class of 1988); Mallory Bugel, soccer (Class of 2004); Steve Cress, basketball (Class of 2009); Courtney Shields, swimming (Class of 2009); Rachel Szymkowiak, swimming (Class of 2009); Ryan McKenzie, soccer (Class of 2010); Heidi Brandon, swimming/diving (coach); Austin Miele, football (Class of 2011);  the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 Boys Varsity Hockey Teams, represented by Tyler Whiteford, Robbie Sigurdsson, Kevin Leslie, Chris Greco, Mike Manganello (coach), Steve Meyers (coach), Steve Neese, Colt Berneberg and Rusty Miller; and (not pictured) Tim Curran, baseball (Class of 1992). Each inductee received a plaque denoting their honor and their names will be listed on a banner that will be displayed in Mars Area High School gymnasium. For details, visit
Heidi Brandon, swimming/diving (coach)
Joel Brooks, cross country/track & field (Class of 1983)
Mallory Bugel, soccer (Class of 2004)
Steve Cress, basketball (Class of 2009)
Tim Curran, baseball (Class of 1992)
Chuck Green, football (Class of 1997)
David McElhinny, basketball/ track & field (Class of 1988)
Ryan McKenzie, soccer (Class of 2010)
Austin Miele, football (Class of 2011)
Zach Rosswog, football (Class of 2004)
Courtney Shields, swimming (Class of 2009)
Rachel Szymkowiak, swimming (Class of 2009)
2009-2010 Boys Varsity Hockey Team
2010-2011 Boys Varsity Hockey Team
Members of the Mars Area High School Sports Hall of Fame Induction Class of 2019 2019 Inductees
Rob Carmody coach (Basketball)
Lily Grenci, Class of 2009 (Basketball)
Brian Hoffman, Class of 1985 (Track)
Melanie (Nicklas) Hynden, Class of 1974 (Track)
Justin Piocquidio, Class of 2008 (Track)
Matt Powell, Class of 1995 (Baseball)
2018 Mars Area High School Sports Hall of Fame Inductees2018 Inductees

Bill Bair, Class of 2008 (Football)
Richard “Dicky” Bell, contributor
Valerie Danner, Class of 1980 (Basketball)
Blair Gerlach, coach (Soccer)
Dana Petruska, coach (Basketball)
Chuck Young, Class of 1995 (Baseball)

2017 Mars Area High School Sports Hall of Fame Inductees2017 Inductee(s)

D.J. Cannon, Class of 2007 (Baseball)
Monica Glomb, Class of 2007 (Softball)
Haley Wojdowski, Class of 2003 (Basketball)
Bob Kalkowski, Class of 1990 (Football)
Bobby McGraw, Class of 1990 (contributor)
Laurie Ewers Polite, Class of 1984 (Basketball)
Larry McDonough, Class of 1982 (Cross Country)

2016 Mars Area High School Sports Hall of Fame Inductees2016 Inductee(s)

Michael Baumgartel, Class of 2001 (Football)
Dave Pisarcik, Class of 2006 (Wrestling)
Brittany Zaborowski, Class of 2006 (Track & Field)
1977 Girls Varsity Basketball Team:

  • Valerie Danner
  • Kathy Doman
  • Lisa O’Connor Denham
  • Katie Kier Maitland
  • Nancy Molnar Raymond
  • Carolyn Shott
  • Susie Star
  • Kathy Lisman Wood
  • Kim Burford Geyer
  • Leda Best
  • Leslie Aiken Brooks
  • Leslie Bannerot Leopold
  • Linda Trump McLaughlin
  • Joyce Adams Simpson
1971 Boys 1,600-Meter Relay Team:
  • Ed Best
  • Ed Totin
  • Bob Harbison
  • John Schlessler

2015 Mars Area High School Sports Hall of Fame Inductees2015 Inductee(s)

Ricky Gable, Class of 2003 (Football)
Tom Weinrich, Class of 2001 (Track & Field)
Susie Giovengo Gurrera, Class of 2000 (Soccer)
Jamie Wojdowski, Class of 1999 (Track & Field)
1976 Cross Country Team:

  • Herb Wellman (coach)
  • Leda Best
  • Germaine Brooks
  • Rachael Brooks
  • Carol Cronenberger
  • Nancy Cronenberger
  • Chris Lewis
  • Linda Trump

2014 Mars Area High School Sports Hall of Fame Inductees2014 Inductee(s)

Becky (Best) Ahlgren, Class of 1983 (Basketball)
Terry Dillner, coach
Gary Peaco, Class of 1979 (Basketball)
Pat Simeone, Class of 1983 (Football)
Kara (Stroup) Sroka, Class of 2004 (Softball)

2013 Mars Area High School Sports Hall of Fame Inductees2013 Inductee(s)

Ed Best (Class of 1972)
Christine Holmes Bocian (Class of 1971)
Scott Heinauer, athletic director/coach
Brad Mueller (Class of 2003)
Don Wix (Class of 1955)

2012 Mars Area High School Sports Hall of Fame Inductees2012 Inductee(s)

Jeff Danner* (Class of 1982)
Robert Fester (Class of 1983)
John Schessler (Class of 1971)
Kent Shoemaker, "Voice of the Planets"
John Reismeyer (Class of 1987)

2011 Inductee(s)

John Henichek (Coach)  
Scott Lang* (Class of 1988) 
Michele Boyle Merchant (Class of 1975) 
Carrie Walters Palermo (Class of 1983) 
Neal Wojdowski (Class of 2001)
2010 Inductee(s)

Jean Santom Schmiedel (Class of 1979) 
Leda Best (Class of 1977)
Michele Ross Goodworth (Class of 1992)
Bobby Matter (Class of 1995)
Brandon Mueller (Class of 2000)
2009 Mars Area High School Sports Hall of Fame Inductees2009 Inductee(s)

Julie Weller Dunsworth (Class of 1970)
Tim Clark (Class of 1973)
Michael Knox (Class of 1977)
Rachel Brooks (Class of 1980)
Nancy Molnar Raymond (Class of 1980)
Ryan Salazar (Class of 1989)
Kelsie Hess Bernot (Class of 1993)
Joe McKinney (Class of 1997)
Jaime Lynn (Class of 1999)

2008 Inductee(s)

Glenda Mahan-Conley (Class of 1969)
Liz Hawkins-McMeekin (Class of 1973)
Donna Eckstein-Dallatore (Class of 1974)
Leslie Aiken-Brooks (Class of 1977)
Carolyn Shott (Class of 1978)
Leatrice Totin-Krivyanski (Class of 1981)
Dennis Clark (Class of 1971)
Edward A. Totin Jr. (Class of 1972) 
James Hardt (Class of 1980)
Mike Hensel (Class of 1983)
Russell Ford (Class of 1983)
Wayne Santom (Class of 1988)
Clem Papik (Coach 1964-1990)
Dave Skurcenski* (Coach)
Tim Tyler (Coach 1971-2006)

2007 Inductee(s)

Edna Anderson Ritts* (Honorary)
Kim Couson Zollner (Class of 1975)
Pam Best (Class of 1976)
Kathy Lisman Wood (Class of 1978)
Bill Crummy (Class of 1975)
Mike Sheehy (Class of 1985)
Eileen White West (Class of 1971)
Carol DeVenzio (Work 1965-1996)
E.J. Wheeler (Class of 1986)
Craig Penney (Class of 1971)
Marcia Semple (Work 1966-1996)
Mary Molloy Weaver (Class of 1978)
Gary Warman (Class of 1978)
Kathleen Doman (Class of 1977)
Sandi Starr Everhart (Class of 1982)
Carole Cress Descovick (Class of 1986)

1987 Inductee(s) 

Thomas D. Purvis* (Class of 1964)

1986 Inductee(s) 

Russell E. Schleiden (Class of 1959) 
Charles D. Clark (Class of 1967) 
William Cress (Class of 1970) 
Avonnell Zeigler Miles* (Class of 1927) 
Ralph Terrill - Special Service Award

1984 Inductee(s) 

Larry Keith Cress (Class of 1953) 
William H. Penney (Class of 1959)

1983 Inductee(s) 

Charles R. Marburger (Class of 1945) 
David "Guff" Wiegand (Class of 1956) 

1982 Inductee(s) 

Edward Totin (1962- Present)

1981 Inductee(s) 

Robert Trump (Work 1959-1982) 
Jack Danner* (Class of 1949)

1980 Inductee(s)

James "Slim" Ellis* 
John Colonello (Class of 1948)

1979 Inductee(s) 

Mac Purvis (Class of 1948) 
William Cress* (Class of 1946) 

1978 Inductee(s) 

Arno H. Thompson* (Work 1947-1984)

1977 Inductee(s) 

David Colton (Class of 1948)

1976 Inductee(s) 

Loyal Park* (Class of 1948) 
Garry Molloy (Class of 1946) 

1975 Inductee(s) 

Francis Smutney (Class of 1946) 

1974 Inductee(s)

William McDonald* (Class of 1927)

1973 Inductee(s) 

Chester Marburger* (Work 1948)

1972 Inductee(s) 

Milton B. Ellis (Class of 1921) 
W. Clyde Penney* (Class of 1922)

1971 Inductee(s) 

Maude J. Neithercoat* (Class of 1922)

1970 Inductee(s) 

Howard E. Eyth (Class of 1927) 
Josh Williams* (Class of 1923) 
James "Ham" Hudson* (Work 1920-1963) 
Hunter Dunlap* (Class of 1913) 
Henry B. Keisler* (Class of 1912)