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Mars Area High School

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College Application Procedures

Applying to colleges involves gathering and organizing necessary information and materials and following a set process described to seniors. To help alleviate some parental stress and answer questions regarding the presentation to seniors, we provide the following synopsis:
  • Check out college admission requirements and deadlines on the specific college's website.
  • Complete an official application online through Naviance. 
  • Complete or request any additional materials required in the application process (essays, recommendation letters, teacher and counselor evaluations and application fees).
  • Request that the senior counselor send an "official" transcript to the college admissions office with all necessary documents. 
  • If a mid-year report is required by the college, notify the senior counselor.
Note: Many colleges and universities require a minimum of four to six weeks to process an application.

Teacher Recommendation Request

To request a letter of recommendation from a teacher, a student must complete the "Teacher Recommendation Request Form," that is noted as a task in Naviance.  Below is a copy of what the request form looks like.