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Mars Area High School

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Keystone Exam Graduation Requirements

For the Class of 2022 and Beyond:

ALL students must pass the Algebra I Keystone Exam, the English Literature Keystone Exam, and the Biology Keystone Exam with a proficient or advanced score.

Accountability Standards for Graduation Requirements

  • Students enrolled in Algebra I and/or English 9 and/or Biology must pass the corresponding Keystone Exam(s).
  • Students who earn a passing district course grade in Algebra I and/or English 9 and/or Biology but fail the corresponding Keystone Exam in the spring testing window will be enrolled in a mandatory remediation course.
  • This 0.5 elective credit, pass/fail remediation course will begin in the fall semester of the following school year. This remediation course will not be added into a student QPA.
  • If students fail the re-test for the remediated Keystone Exam subject in the winter testing window, they will be re-enrolled in the same remediation course in the spring semester.
  • If students fail the Algebra I Keystone Exam, the English Literature Keystone Exam, and the Biology Keystone Exam they will be simultaneously enrolled in three (3) subject-specific remediation courses.
  • Students will repeat the remediation course(s) until the corresponding Keystone Exam(s) is/are passed.
  • Students who pass a Keystone Exam-related district course will be permitted to advance to the next level/sequential district course while enrolled in the remediation course related to the failed Keystone Exam.
  • If students qualify to participate in a keystone Project Based Assessment (PBA), students will remain enrolled in the subject-specific remediation courses(s) to complete the corresponding PBA until a score of Satisfactory is awarded. A Statewide review panel will score student projects according to scoring protocols and rubrics developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

For more information about Keystone Exams or Project Based Assessments, please visit the following:

  1. MAHS Course Selection Manual
  2. Standard Aligned System website at; select “Assessment” tab
  3. Click for supplemental online test prep material

A student who has completed the requirements for graduation shall not be denied a diploma as a disciplinary measure, but the student may be denied participation in the graduation ceremony when personal conduct so warrants. Such exclusion shall be regarded as a school suspension. All students must meet these requirements to graduate from Mars Area High School and participate in commencement exercises in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.